Feature overview

Cell of a workbook can have formulas, i.e. a recipe to calculate the output value from other cell values, constants, operations and functions.

Excel supports four types of formulas:

  • Normal - Formula calculates a single value and the result of the calculation is set as a value of the cell.

  • Array - A range of cells are calculated at once, using a single formula. Array formula can be set even on a single cell, which results in a 1x1 array formula.

  • Data table - Used for what-if analysis, uses a formula along with a set of values to calculates a range of values (e.g. calculate monthly payment based on the mortgage rate and amount financed).

  • Shared - this is basically a memory optimization, where many cells reference the same formula.

Available API

Array formulas

Set an array formula

Select an area of cells to set the array formula and then set the formula through IXLRangeBase.FormulaArrayA1 setter.

using var wb = new XLWorkbook();
var ws = wb.AddWorksheet();
ws.Cell("A1").Value = "Interest: 2yrs";
ws.Cell("B1").Value = 1000;
ws.Cell("C1").Value = 2000;
ws.Cell("D1").Value = 3000;

ws.Range("B2:D3").FormulaArrayA1 = "B1:D1*POWER(1+A2:A3, 2)";


When a cell is a part of an array formula,

  • its IXLCell.FormulaA1 getter will return the array formula (no braces).

  • the IXLCell.HasArrayFormula getter return true

  • the IXLCell.FormulaReference getter return the area of the array formula.

It’s not possible to create an array formula that would intersect with a merged range, table or partially overlaps another array formula. Doing so will throw InvalidOperationException. If new array formula completely covers existing array formula, there isn’t an exception.

Clear array formula

In order to clear an array formula, set a range covering the formula to a value. Any value will do, though it will be Blank.Value in most cases. The range can be determined through the IXLCell.FormulaReference property or explicitely set.

using var wb = new XLWorkbook();
var ws = wb.AddWorksheet();
ws.Range("A1:C2").FormulaArrayA1 = "SIN(PI()/2)";

// This will clear the formula.
ws.Range(ws.Cell("A1").FormulaReference).Value = Blank.Value;


Data table

Data table formulas can be read and written, but manipulation doesn’t work.